North Island stays on the cutting edge of technology because we understand the massive role it plays in today’s construction industry. We also understand that technology alone has no value without skilled people to implement it. It is through the pairing of technology and skilled professionals that we offer the following services.

Commercial Construction

  • Construction management
  • Carpentry/Construction services
  • Commercial siding
  • Commercial renovations
  • Site work
  • Design build

Civil Construction

  • Fully certified Septic installations (Man, Sask, Ont)
  • R.O.W construction
  • Ground water management (drainage, dike, culverts)
  • Excavation
  • Hauling
  • Road Building
  • Demolition
  • Earth moving
  • Lagoons
  • Land clearing
  • Site works
  • Snow clearing


  • Barging (3,000lbs high speed 20,000lbs low speed)
  • Logistics
  • Commercial builds

Special Projects

Residential renovations

  • Residential additions
  • Residential structure work
  • Commercial siding