North Island Industries

North Island maintains a continuous commitment to conducting our business ethically. Historically, the construction industry has been bottom line driven. We do not believe this is sustainable. Our commitment to providing a great work environment has helped us build a team of strong, skilled, and happy employees. Our locker room bond is beneficial to everyone involved.

Careers With North Island

When North Island Industries was first conceived, Owner Mac Mills had a clear vision. “I will build this company with the best people, treat them like family and we will succeed as a team”. He recognized we are nothing without our teammates. North Island is a family with a locker room type of bond. Making sure our employees enjoy coming to site at the start of the day is just as important as making sure they return home safely to their loved ones at the end of the day. We don’t look for individuals seeking a job but rather seek teammates looking for a career.

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Social Responsibility

Historically, the construction industry has been bottom line driven. We do not believe that this is sustainable.

North Island maintains continuous commitments to conducting our business ethically—taking care of our employees and their families, strengthening the communities where we operate, and working hard to maintain a balance between economy and ecosystem.

These commitments have led us to set up safety and environmental awareness programs for our employees and sub contractors.  We recognize that our work force is our strength and our future.

We aspire to meet the expectations of all of our stakeholders. We have taken steps to make our employees’ work environments as comfortable as possible. We hold inclusive company events that create a connection between our employees’ families and North Island.

Upholding a balance between people, planet and profit requires continuous monitoring and evaluation and we consider it our duty to find that balance every single day.

Workplace Safety

Safety is everything.

Our sites and shop are held to the highest levels and when we are working for others we take pride in being a leader on their sites. From our safety program deigned by a Professional Engineer, to our managements implementation, no corner has been cut in providing all team mates a safe work environment. We are constantly educating and tooling up for a safer site.





The best people in the best environment get the best results. We strongly believe in building a team a lot like a Stanley Cup Champion. Our staff from the office to the field is pushed to be better in all facets of their role. We encourage growth and education but providing unlimited training and resources.


Working with Government and First Nations has engrained our passion for being green. From our environmental protection plan to our environmental conscious purchasing, North Island always has Mother Earth in mind.


Profit allows a socially responsible company to help build communities, employ higher safety standards, grow to provide more jobs, and benefit our local economies.